My decision to run for office and seek a seat on the city council comes from wanting to make a difference in how people's voices are heard. My love for the community is what drives me and my background is what makes me a good choice for city council. I look at serving the public as an honor and not a career.

Sixty years ago Florence was a prosperous little town, with a Safeway, Jim the Tailor, Senator's, Florence Hardware, Bob Fritz's hardware, The Oasis Bar, Gambles, Bernie's Pool Hall, The Kozy Corner café, The Round House (located beside Vendetti's Chevrolet, Pixler's Jewelry, Florence Meat Market, Butler & Sauer Furniture, Luke's Ford, The Swimming Pool in Rainbow Park, The Duck Inn, Magnet Bar, The Palm Garden Bar, JCPenney, There were two drug stores, The Florence Hotel and the list goes on. Those businesses all collected sales tax and the town prospered. Those businesses are gone along with the revenue they generated. Today our once prosperous downtown is populated with Antiques stores that are pleasant to visit, but generate little sales tax revenue.  The Big Box Stores and Amazon have made the survival of small towns like Florence and the businesses that supported them difficult to say the least. 

That is the problem – money. Florence has grasped at solutions to this problem, the Federal Prison for instance, but these life buoys have proven futile. Industry is unlikely to move to Florence, and if it did the dollar benefit in taxes and jobs would probably be negligible. 

I believe that a recreational marijuana store could be a solution to our money problem.  If I am elected, I will be one vote on the council, and if the marijuana issue comes up again I will vote yes for allowing recreational sales, no on grow facilities, infused product manufacturing and testing facilities. 

I have held leadership positions most of my working life from a company commander in the Army, sales manager and general manager of a printed circuit manufacturing facility, and owner and chief auctioneer of a highly successful auction company. Also if I am elected you will find me available to hear your concerns via email, phone or direct contact. 

I am about what I feel is best for Florence, and I will base my decisions on research, and my best judgement.